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Thumbprint Notice of Correction.

I, (Your Full Name) declare that when my signature is required for any financial product or service, I will authenticate my signature with my thumbprint. (All that is required is a Thumbprint is submitted, there is no need to check the print against a database).

Failure by me or any other to comply with this direction should result in the product or service being withheld.

Any application or product submitted requiring a signature without a thumbprint should be considered fraudulent.  

I will inform you in writing, signed and Thumbprinted of any changes or cancellation to this Notice Of Correction

Keeping your identity safe

The thumb print – “low tech” to defeat the high tech criminals of today
Mr Jamieson says signatures should be authenticated by thumb prints
After appearing on Money Box, Jamie Jamieson has convinced credit reference agency Equifax to adopt his idea for safeguarding your identity.


The simple way to foil identity theft

There is a simple and very cheap way to deter ID theft.
So why does nobody use it?
John E Dunn | Nov 08, 2005

There world is suddenly overrun with doom-sayers warning the public of identity theft disaster, but few that give much practical advice beyond “buy a paper shredder”, and throw nothing official away that hasn’t been through it.

Scotsman Jamie Jamieson has spent a good part of the last three years trying to convince the UK financial industry that people can, in fact, protect themselves from ID theft disaster in an incredibly rudimentary, low-tech way.