So what can I do?

Little, but someone several years ago came up with this strategy to issue a notice of correction (example below) on your credit file.

Notice of Correction

I, (Full Name) declare that when my signature is required for any financial product or service, I will authenticate my signature with my thumbprint. (All that is required is a Thumbprint is submitted, there is no need to check the print against a database).

Failure by me or any other to comply with this direction should result in the product or service being withheld.

Any application or product submitted requiring a signature without a thumbprint should be considered fraudulent.

I will inform you in writing, signed and Thumbprinted of any changes or cancellation to this Notice Of Correction

What does this mean?

  1. The bank,  loan*/mortgage provider would have had to do a credit check in order to open a bank account or provide the loan, thus will have received the notice of the correction at the time of the credit check
  2. If someone opens a bank account or takes out a loan in your name and the signed loan agreement doesn’t have a thumb print of yours on it; you did not enter into that agreement. 
  3. If the agreement/application did have a thumb print on it, and it was later found to be fraudulent then it’s not your print. It’s that of the fraudsters and you can’t be accused of first party fraud.