Step 2

Issue your notice of correction to the four agencies You can do this by Post, Email or via the Equifax website.

By Post

Here below are four templates that you could use, click on them and you should get a link to download in Microsoft Word format document, files checked at on 4th October against 58 anti-virus databases:

  1. TransUnion_NoC
  2. Experian_NoC
  3. Equifax_NoC
  4. Crediva_NoC

If you are a bit nervous about downloading files, then just copy and paste the template text on the first page and get up to date addresses for the credit reference agencies above.

By Email.

Send the following suggested email: Please add the following Notice of Correction to my Credit File  (Cut and paste from the front page). Add your Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Address, Previous address if you’ve lived at your current address for less than 6 years.  You may be asked to provide a scanned copy of one of the following. Utility bill (gas/electricity/water/phone connected with your address, a Bank statement or a council tax bill or confirmation of electoral registration.

Send Emails to

Crediva – 

TransUnion –

Exerian – 

Via their website (Equifax)

At time of posting, Equifax only provide for Notice of Corrections to be added by Post or via their Website.  You have to register and follow the links at

All of the above are FREE apart from the cost of postage and stationary.