Step 1

It is advisable, but not necessary to get your credit reports prior to adding this particular Notice of Correction.

You can do this by post or  go on line and get your free Statutory Credit Report from each of the four UK agencies.

Your statutory credit report shows your credit history. It contains public and private information recorded in your name and is available to authorised lenders that carry out a credit check through the credit reference agencies.

(click on the links above for how to obtain your FREE Statutory Credit Report, and any additional information you need about your Credit File).

If you’ve viewed your Credit Reports recently and they are  correct, or you are happy proceeding without your reports go to Step 2.

Getting your credit reports allows you to check that all the information held is true and accurate.  You may spot  unauthorised applications or searches. It gives you the opportunity to address/challenge any of the afore mentioned.