Step 3

So next you will receive a reply stating that:

  • They have received your email or letter.
  • And/or confirm they have added your Notice of Correction, and when it will appear on your file.
  1. After your Notice of Correction is in place, it’s still worth checking your free Credit Reports.
  2. IT COSTS nothing
  3. If you are, or become a victim of Identity Theft you are advised to consider CIFAS Protective Registration.  CIFAS Protective Registration, costs £25 for 2 years. Not all lenders who carry out credit checks are CIFAS members. This means they wont be aware of your Protective Registration. However a Notice of Correction costing nothing and lasting for life reaches of all those lenders.
  4. It’s got to be better than a Credit Reference Agency telling you someone has applied for credit in your name which work on the principle of “after the horse has bolted”